why are cats always so relaxed when the government is a mess

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"Boys are only great to use for sex!"

Wow, I wonder how YOU feminists would react if a male told you this.

Someone hasn’t left their basement in a while.

Wow, yeah, I wonder what it would be like to be told this every day of my life. Hard to imagine, right? Wacky stuff, wacky stuff.

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Yéti - My little cat (by Laulinea)


Yéti - My little cat (by Laulinea)

Harry:  hey can I borrow a pencil?
Zayn:  yeah, sure
Harry:  thanks
Zayn:  no problem
Harry:  no, thank u so much
Zayn:  it's really fine
Harry:  ...
Harry:  what are we?
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